Потрясающие кукурузные лепешки с сыром


hard or semi-hard cheese – 200 gr
corn flour – 300 gr
sparkling water – 200 ml
a clove of garlic
one egg
one and a half teaspoons baking powder


Whisk the egg and add the soda, then gradually start to mix mixed with baking powder flour. Get to form a thick, viscous with a thick consistency batter.

Now take a grater and grate cheese in it, vysypat it right into the dough. There also squeeze a clove of garlic and how to mix everything to avoid lumps.

Melt in a pan of melted butter, make a dough of the tortillas and fry them on a slow fire, covering the pan with a lid.

The result will surprise you! Corn tortillas with cheese so delicious that yum! It is best to eat them while they are still hot, the cheese inside is melted and outside they are covered with a crispy crust.

Bon appétit!


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