Amazing grilled vegetables

Perhaps there are no such person who did not try such tasty treats like fried meat on the grill, but what about vegetables, you can bet. If the vegetables on the grill to cook the right recipe, they will have even those people who don’t like them.
Vegetables are very healthy and have a sufficient amount of vitamins which is recommended to drink person. Every doctor will tell you that vegetables should be a staple in the daily diet. But in everyday life people give priority to other dishes and vegetables, usually consumed occasionally.

        amazing grilled vegetables
Using the perfect recipe, grilled vegetables on the grill can be prepared so that your guests will be satisfied and will want to eat all that yummy.
There are many recipes for cooking vegetables on the grill, consider some of them.
Grilled vegetables in oven
First of all, it is worth mentioning that the grill you can cook overall vegetables: cauliflower, zucchini, corn, tomatoes and so on. To cook vegetables in the oven, it is necessary to choose the grill mode, for previously to prepare:
• Bell peppers – 4 pieces.
• Zucchini – 2 pieces.
• One cauliflower.
• Garlic.
• The olive oil.
• Thyme.
• Other vegetables based on personal preference.
Zucchini should be cut into large rings, bell pepper divide into four pieces and remove the seeds and stem. Divide cauliflower in the inflorescences, it is recommended that before preparing to cook it approximately 15 minutes. Then cover the tray with foil and begin to lay out the vegetables.

        amazing grilled vegetables

You should pay attention that the peppers must be put up by peel. Take a culinary brush and apply on the decomposition of the vegetable oil, then sprinkle all with thyme. Then put the pan with the dish in pre heated oven for 20 minutes. Once the vegetables are browned, get the pan from the oven, wait until the dish cools off. After the pepper is removed from the rind and sprinkle the vegetables pre-chopped garlic, salt (to taste) and pepper. Mix dish you can bring to the table.
Grilled vegetables: recipe and tips
For cooking this recipe you will need vegetables based on personal preferences, it can be: mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini and so on. For the marinade needed garlic, salt, chili and lemon.
Before roasting vegetables on the grill, can be marinated. For the marinade you need to use the crushed garlic and chilli, all that move in the bowl, add salt, tomato juice, lemon squeezed. After everything is mixed, wash and clean in advance you have prepared the vegetables, put them in the marinade for 2 hours. After this time, remove the vegetables and put them on the grill.


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