Fish under marinade — to die for!

The beauty of this recipe is that grilled fish in a marinade is not necessary to additionally heat treated. And crispy onions, according to my daughter, gives the finished sauce a taste of barbecue. It turns out this fish marinade is to die for!


For fried fish:

Fish (I used hake milk) — 1.5 kg
Flour (for breading fish) — 1 Cup
Vegetable oil (for frying fish) — 150 ml

For the marinade:

Water (cold boiled; capacity of Cup — 250 ml) — 1 stack.
Tomato sauce (sauce with chunks of vegetables; the banks capacity — 500 ml;) — 1 ban.
Vegetable oil — 1 stack.
Sugar — 1 Cup.
Vinegar (6% wine) — 100 ml
Salt (a teaspoon with a slide) — 1 tsp
Onion white (large) — 2 PCs


The fish clean and cut into pieces with a thickness of half an inch. Do not add salt!

Dip the fish in flour and fry on medium heat with vegetable oil until tender on medium heat.

Cut the onion into four pieces and cut not very thick plates.

Prepared fish put in the pot and pour layers of fish chopped spring onions.

For the marinade mix in a container: 1 Cup of cold boiled water, 500 ml of tomato sauce with chunks of vegetables, 1 Cup vegetable oil, 1 Cup sugar, 100 ml of 6% vinegar and 1 heaped teaspoon of salt.

Whisk the marinade in a blender until a homogeneous emulsion within 30 seconds.

Fill the fish with the onions received by the marinade. You can add a few Bay leaves.

Cover the pot with a lid and put the fish to marinate in the fridge for 5 hours.

Serve this tasty fish with boiled potatoes!

Bon appétit!


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