Гамуз "Ярославна"


smoked chicken breast — 150 grams
onion — 1 piece
eggs — 1 piece
mushrooms — 100 grams
vegetable oil for frying
bunch of green onions

For the sauce:

beans — 60 grams
Mak — 20 grams
mayonnaise — 100 grams
lemon juice — 30 grams
salt, sugar to taste


At night, leave the soaked beans in cold water. Then boil it until tender, drain the water and cool the beans.

Ready sauce. Through a meat grinder skip the beans. Beans, poppy seeds, mayonnaise and lemon juice mix. Add salt, sugar to taste.

Onions should be cleaned and cut into cubes. Then on vegetable oil to fry until cooked.

Cube cut chicken breast. Boil the egg and peel, cut into cubes, too. Pickled mushrooms chop. All mixed with fried onions and top with sauce. Mix well and sprinkle with green onions.

Serve games chilled a bit and let cook. You can decorate with greens or fresh vegetables. Optional in the recipe can include any vegetables.

Bon appétit!


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