Necessary products for cooking:
• Onions-4 pieces
• Bank of canned beans
• Sunflower oil
• Egg 2 PCs.
• Mayonnaise
• Carrots-4 pieces
• Pickles-4 pieces

Method of preparation of salad:

1. Clean the carrots and onions peeled and cut into slices. Then a couple of minutes to fry in a frying pan over high heat. After you leave the mode quenching.
2. To withdraw the contents from the pan and give the ingredients free from excess fat through sieve.
3. Cook hard-boiled eggs and remove the shell.
4. Cut slices of cucumbers and eggs and add to the contents of the beans and roasted carrots with onions.
5. All good stir and season with mayonnaise.
6. Add salt to taste.
A winter version of salad “Bean” is ready! Bon appetit!



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