Зеркальная глазурь на сливках для торта

A recipe for a masterpiece of culinary art.


  • sugar 250 g
  • cream 150 ml
  • cocoa powder 80 g
  • molasses 80 g
  • gelatin 15 g


  • Soak the gelatin as directed on bag.
  • The product should completely dissolve.
  • In a small amount of water to dissolve the sugar and molasses.
  • Bring to boil, pour the cream.
  • Stir, add cocoa powder.
  • Swollen gelatin to warm up, to add to the mix.
  • Beat the frosting with an immersion blender, product temperature of about forty degrees.
  • To cover the cake.

The Council

Instead of cocoa powder for making the glaze you can use a chocolate bar. The product is well shaded strawberry, cherry, cream or apricot impregnation.


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