Горбуша с сыром и грибами в фольге

Delicious combination of products. The finished dish can be served with white sauce.


  • salmon
  • mushrooms 350 g
  • cheese 150 g
  • onion 1 PC.
  • lemon
  • seasoning for fish
  • vegetable oil


  • Onion cut into half rings, mushrooms – thin slices.
  • Spasserovat onions in butter, add the mushrooms, season with salt to taste, fry for ten minutes.
  • Salmon cut into chunks, RUB with spices and drizzle with lemon juice.
  • Baking tray lay a foil, arrange the fish on top of the onions with the mushrooms, grated cheese.
  • Foil wrap to cook the dish for 25 minutes, temperature – 200 degrees.

The Council

Optionally, the same dish can be prepared with keta.


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