Favorite soups are found in every family. Rich soup helps the hostess, if you want hearty and delicious to feed the family. A bowl of hot soup will come in handy if in a cold and chilly day you want to keep warm. The easiest soup will bring pleasure if to prepare something unusual and serve beautifully. Choose a soup for every taste from a review of recipes to SUBSTITUTE INTO YOUR WEBSITE.

  • Pea soup: a recipe with smoked meat

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We offer you to cook a wonderful pea soup, whose recipe contains cured meats. This dish is great for lunch or dinner. It is desirable that the peas are well seethe, and for this it should be soaked in cold water.

  • Minestrone: the classic recipe

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For many, the minestrone is one of my favorite soups. A long time beyond the Georgian kharcho soup had a lot of additions and changes in its classic recipe. After a spicy rich spicy taste kharcho for many foodies seem too sharp, and some ingredients are not easy to find outside of its homeland.

  • Soup: a recipe with pumpkin and nuts

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I want to share with you a delicious recipe today on our menu appetizing, bright, vitamin-rich pumpkin! The soup of this vegetable with walnuts, mouth-watering bacon and white wine will surely enjoy your family, so get ready to the requests of the Supplement.

  • Meatball soup: recipe with fish

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Fish can not only fry, sauté and cook, but also to make it a stuffing and cook a wonderful tasty soup with meatballs, the recipe of which we offer you. This hearty aromatic soup especially have to taste on a cold winter day.

  • Cheese soup

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Wonderful, delicious, flavorful cheese soup with croutons warm you and your family on a winter day after walking on air, add strength and vigor. Preparing cheese soup is easy, and served with croutons and browned fried onions will please the original taste.

  • Mushroom soup

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I suggest you prepare a soup from dried porcini mushrooms, the recipe of which is simple and affordable, and the taste is bright and saturated. In the preparation of mushroom dishes have a little secret. Mushroom soup in itself is so self-contained dish that requires no additional ingredients to enhance the smell and taste.

  • Soup pickle

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We offer you to add to its menu of meat pickle, the recipe of which is in its composition necessarily contains pickles. This is a wonderful first course, which is perceived with gratitude by our body, especially in the cold season.

Bon appetit!


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