Лимонад из лимона и мяты

Delicious, refreshing, light, flavorful lemonade with lemon and mint. Dear friends — this is a very tasty drink. To mint is not lost, I’m making lemonade and in the winter, although we often drink it before the onset of winter) Definitely recommend.


  • sugar 1 Cup
  • 4 fresh mint sprigs
  • lemon 3 slices
  • citric acid (use only for canning) 1 tsp.


30 minutes

  • Лимонад из лимона и мятыFor conservation in 3-liter jar add the sprigs of mint, add the lemon, sugar and citric acid.
  • Лимонад из лимона и мятыFill with boiling water and close the lid. Turn the can upside down and wrap in warm blanket to cool down.
  • Лимонад из лимона и мятыFor Lemonade in a saucepan place the mint, add the sugar and lemon.
  • Лимонад из лимона и мятыA pot put on the fire after boiling, cook for 5 minutes. Turn off, cover and leave until cool.
    Everything is easy and simple!


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