Кофе по-турецки


1 tsp coffee, finely ground
50-60 ml of water
sugar to taste


Need to grind coffee beans as thoroughly as possible to fine grinding.
A mound of ground coffee in Turku and add sugar to taste.
In Turku, pour clean cold water. Then put Turku on hot sand or on a very small fire.
Bring coffee to a boil and take it off from heat at the time when the coffee foam will be collected from the edges to the center.
Pour coffee in your favorite Cup and enjoy its unmatched taste and divine aroma.

To serve Turkish coffee made on the dish in a small Cup with thick walls. Also when feeding should be a spoon with a long handle, the carafe with cold water and another Cup.

The important point is that the Cup before serving coffee should be warm. For this you can pour the hot water and leave for a minute. It is not recommended to pour the drink into the cold Cup, as this could have a negative impact on the taste of the coffee.

Indicator of the proper preparation of coffee is the foam. It should not spread and kept a cap on the spoon for a few seconds.

Кофе по-турецки

Кофе по-турецки

Bon appétit!


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