Вишняк: Рецепт наливки из замороженных ягодCold spring evening you can treat yourself to a glass of delicious homemade liqueurs.

  • Frozen cherry: 1 kg
  • Vodka: 1 liter
  • Sugar : 10 tbsp

Вишняк: Рецепт наливки из замороженных ягод

The most popular variant of the cherry, which is popularly referred to as vishniac and cherry brandy. This drink is a great alternative to store-bought alcohol. Berry tincture was prepared in Ancient Russia.

In the classic recipe of cherry brandy just a few natural ingredients and no synthetic additives. Besides cherries, the drink is added sugar and alcohol alcohol, vodka, brandy, cognac. And you can make a liqueur which is added alcohol component, and the strength of the drink will add a natural fermentation. The time of “ripening” of vishniac 1-6 months.

Recipes vishniac can count to ten, the basic recipe is modified, for example, add spices or change the time of fermentation. The drink to get quality you must use only high-quality fresh or frozen berries.

Since fresh cherries in April no, we propose to cook a delicious vishniac from the frozen berries. The berries can be with seeds or without them. Cherry liqueur from the frozen berries for their taste qualities are not inferior to Vishnevka fresh.

Vishniac: Recipe liqueurs from frozen berries


  1. If cherries with pits, crush a dozen, after removing them from the berries.
  2. To put the cherry and crushed bone into a container such as a glass bottle.
  3. Pour the vodka, leave in a dark place for infusion.
  4. After a month drain the juice through cheesecloth, add sugar.
  5. Leave for a few days in a cool place.

Bon appetit!


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