Yogurt dessert – not just table decoration, but also a tasty treat. Serve it with tea or juice, and post it in Instagram this culinary masterpiece is not a sin. REPLACE with YOUR WEBSITE talks about how to cook yoghurt cake and not screw it up.

We offer you to bake a cake with fruits and berries. This yogurt cake will remind you of summertime sadness.

Yogurt cake: a little history

You won’t believe, but the yogurt was invented nearly seven thousand years ago. But first, he was popular among the nomadic peoples. According to historical records, in the early sixteenth century this drink was treated by the French king. By the way, the treatment was successful.

But to turn yogurt into a dessert invented by Isaac Carasso. It happened only in the twentieth century. Carasso first started adding in the milk drink fruit and vegetable purees, and then the sugar.

Yogurt cake invented even later. However, the name of the person who first decided to cook a cake with yogurt, and remains unknown.

Yoghurt cake with berries: a step by step recipe © depositphotos.com

Yoghurt cake with berries recipe


  • three eggs
  • three cups flour,
  • two and a half cups of sugar,
  • one Cup of vegetable oil
  • 16 grams of baking powder,
  • one glass of natural yogurt,
  • 250 grams of berries.


  • Washed berries spread out on a paper towel.
  • Take the right amount of flour and sifter out it together with the baking powder.
  • Eggs for the cake smash, pour in a convenient container and whip with a mixer.
  • Keep whisking the eggs and gradually dosyay sugar.
  • Add yogurt, flour with baking powder, vegetable oil. Blend all these ingredients until smooth mass.
  • Vysali a baking pan with parchment paper. Put it on the bottom of the berries and pour them into the dough.
  • Preheat oven to 160 °C.
  • Bake pie in oven for 35 minutes. After a check with a skewer if he’s ready.
  • Cool pie and precipi icing sugar to taste.
  • If desired, you can substitute the berries for fruit. But try to choose the middle of juiciness to the cake is not too moist.

    You can also prepare yogurt cakes of another type. There are two types.

    The first yoghurt jelly with fruit or berries on a base of cake. This is the bottom cake: bake different recipes. The most popular of them – “decoys” from almond flour or dry cake. Pay attention to the fact that the sponge cake is baked without butter, eggs and flour. Also the basis of this yoghurt cake can be dough. Ready and already cooled cake spread the yoghurt-gelatin mass with fruit or berries, shape and leave for a while in the fridge. Interestingly, this cake contains almost no fat.

    Yogurt cake in another recipe consists of layers of sponge, soaked in a yogurt cream. The composition of the cream includes yogurt, gelatin, cream and powdered sugar. During preparation, special attention is paid to the temperature of the ingredients, it is very important that she was room. You also need technology to comply with the introduction of sugar and cream wesbite. In the case of violations in the process, the cream will exfoliate and will not be suitable for cake. After making this cake put in the fridge so the cakes have time to soak up the cream. Pay attention to the fact that such a high-calorie dessert previous. But it turns out he is more sweet and gentle.


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